«The Harbinger» … A nice mix of drama, dread and horror.

On December 1st, 2022, we will have the chance to see in theaters and V.O.D. «The Harbinger», the new movie written and directed by Andy Mitton, where we see that in the middle of a world crisis when people has to stay at home and avoid physical contact as much as possible due a virus that took humankind by surprise, a woman called Monique decides to leave the relatively safe environment she has created with her family, and risk her well being in order to help a friend that she has not seen in many years and is clearly at the end of her rope.

Mavis (Monique’s friend) has developed an increasing trouble with her sleep, but not because she suffers from insomnia and is always staying awake, on the contrary; as days passes, her body is having more and more trouble waking up, and her dreams are nothing but nightmares that get increasingly longer. It’s then when Monique discovers that something very sinister is stalking and torturing her friend Mavis, something that has found the perfect occasion to attack unnoticed and to grow its hunting grounds, while the people in the world are trying to cope with what is being called “The New normal”. It is something that is not happy just by torturing you and driving you to madness, but it also enjoys to take you to its realm and erase literally all evidence that you ever existed.

And now, Monique is also caught in its path.

Ok, this movie hit me, and it hit me HARD.

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Desde Fantasia 2016: «We Go On»

Dicen que la curiosidad mató al gato, pero que la satisfacción lo trajo de vuelta, y en el caso de Miles, la respuesta bien puede valer los 30 mil dolares que esta ofreciendo en un anuncio clasificado, obtenible para todo aquel que pueda probar de manera inequívoca la existencia de un ángel, un demonio, un fantasma o cualquier otra cosa que pruebe sin lugar a dudas, la existencia de algo mas allá de la muerte. Esta es la premisa de “We Go On”, el filme digido por Jesse Holand y Andy Mitton que tuvimos la oportunidad de ver, cortesía de el Fantasia International Film Festival.

Como se han de imaginar, las respuestas de cientos de charlatanes y oportunistas no se hacen esperar, y entre todos los videos y mensajes electrónicos recibidos, Miles encuentra a tres personas que podrían darle la respuesta que ocupa. Lejos de ser la solución a sus problemas, el encuentro de Miles con lo paranormal podría ser apenas el principio de ellos, ya que una vez que has abierto una puerta al mundo de las animas, difícilmente podrás cerrarla, y a los espiritus que se pueden encontrar, no les gusta que los ignoren de nuevo.

“We go on” es un filme sencillo, pero con varios giros interesantes que la hacen resaltar de otras películas parecidas. Aunque a momentos parece desviarse en el camino, el filme nunca se torna aburrido y termina dándonos una historia muy efectiva, aunque recomendaría verla no esperando un filme de horror, sino un drama sobrenatural, con tintes de suspenso y uno que otro susto. Miles es un personaje interesante con el cual aun sin que nosotros compartamos sus fobias, nos podemos identificar, sobretodo en su intento de darle sentido a su existencia y por ende nos preocupamos por él cuando después tiene que lidiar con las consecuencias. La película nos presenta personajes muy interesantes, evadiendo hábilmente el caer en clichés, y cuando se interna en terrenos demasiado conocidos (Como el encuentro con la medium espiritista) no les da tanto tiempo.

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From Fantasia 2016: «We Go On»

People say that curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back, and in Miles’s case the answer he needs might actually be worth the 30 thousand dollars that he is offering in a classified ad, obtainable by anyone that can provide undeniable proof  of the existence of angels, demons, ghosts or anything at all that can prove that there is something beyond death. This is the premise of «We Go On», a film directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton that we had the chance to see, courtesy of Fantasia International Film Festival.

As you might guess , hundreds of opportunist and scam artists quickly sends videos and messages, and among all the material received, Miles finds three people that actually seem to have the answer he is looking for, but far from being the solution to Miles’s problems, this new encounter with the paranormal could be just the beginning, since once you open the door to the spirit world,  you can hardly close it again, and some spirits, after being found do not like to be ignored.

«We go on» might have a very simple premise, but it has several interesting turns that makes the film stand out from others, Although at moments it seems that the film is loosing its way, it never gets boring and in the end delivers a very nice and effective story. I recommend to see this movie not expecting a horror film, but a supernatural drama instead, with some suspense elements and a couple of scares. Miles is an interesting character that even if we don’t share his phobias, we can identify with, specially in his quest for answers, trying to find sense to his own existence, therefore we worry about him when he has to deal with the later consequences of that search. The film present other interesting characters, carefully avoiding to fall into cliches, and when the story goes into territory that might feel too familiar to us (like the interview with the medium) it does not spend too much time on it.

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