D.A. 175- Remoteando Fantasia 2016!

fantasia-2016Ahora les hablamos de unos filmes que están haciendo sus rondas en el prestigioso festival “Fantasia Film Festival 2016” y que creemos merecen su atención: “Bed Of The Dead”, “Ataud Blanco”, “La Rage Du Demon”, “Antibirth”, “The Wailing” y otros más.

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D.A. 174- Patrocinanos Netflix!

De volada y de trancazo, les traemos este episodio con mas recomendaciones que en su mayoria están disponibles en Netflix! Si, el de America Latina! Y No, No nos pagaron por el tremendo comercial! En esta ocasión hablamos de “Holidays”, “Hush”, “The Invitacion”, “The Green Room” y de paso “Lights Out”…

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Como siempre, esperamos que este episodio les guste, y de paso les dejamos las vías de contagio: Web Desdeabajo.net Twitter: @desdeabajox Fb: Desde Abajo podcast Patreon: Patreon.com/desdeabajo Instagram: Desdeabajox

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Drafthouse films’ Abc’s Of Death 2 1⁄2 (not 3) to release exclusive on vimeo.

ABCsofDeath25 mini-webresOk, here at “Desde Abajo” we are HUGE fans of horror anthology movies, while most of them are not that good, and very, very few are great, most of the time they are fun to watch, and have at least a couple of segments that are scary and cool.
One of the most recent collections is “Abc’s Of Death” and while I thought the 1st entry was very disappointing, the sequel was a major improvement and I highly recommend it. Today,  Drafthouse films made this announcement regarding the anthology:

From the Press release:

Austin, TX (July 25, 2016) – Drafthouse Films has announced the upcoming release of ABC’s of Death 2 1⁄2: World Competition Edition, the result of an extensive global campaign intended to spotlight the most passionate and talented upcoming filmmakers in the horror genre. The latest entry in the beloved franchise will arrive exclusively on Vimeo August 2nd as a $5.99 download or $2.99 rental.

The series, known for its anarchically alphabet­-themed anthology of short films, launched a “Filmmaker Frenzy” competition for the segment devoted to the letter M – collecting more than five hundred, three minute-­long entries from over forty countries in the process – including Robert Boocheck’s winning entry “M is for Masticate” featured in ABC’s of Death 2.

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Drafthouse Films lanzará “Abc’s Of Death 2.5” (No 3) en Vimeo.

ABCsofDeath25 mini-webresOrale! Si ustedes recuerdan, en este podcast/blog somos muy fans de los filmes de antologias de terror. No todos los filmes son buenos y de hecho pocos acaban siendo excelentes, peor por lo general siempre sirven para pasar el tiempo y hay por lo menos una o dos historias memorables. Hace unos años salió el proyecto “The Abc’s Of Death “, donde varios directores presentaron un corto de terror cuyo titulo empezaba con una de las letras del abecedario.

Mientras que la primera entrega fue a mi gusto decepcionante (Aqui pueden leer la reseña), la secuela fue una increible mejora y el filme es altamente recomendable (Aqui pueden escuchar la reseña).

Hoy Alamo Drafthouse anunció que lanzará una edicion especial donde podremos ver los mejores cortos del concurso, que aunque no lograron quedar en el filme, merecen nuestra atención.

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From Fantasia 2016: “The Wailing”

TheWailing Poster bArriving from South Korea, via our friends at Fantasia Fest, we had the chance to see “The Wailing” (“Goksung” the original title) the third feature film from director Hong-jin Na (“The Chaser”, “The Yellow sea”). This film has been know for its long running time and for nicely presenting in its plot a clash between different religious/spiritual traditions, however, the thing that has been most talked about in the audiences and internet forums is the ending. Is it really that buzz worthy?

Let’s start with the plot: When a series of bizarre murders start occurring in a little village called Goksung, the policeman Jong-Goo, starts hearing weird rumors about a Japanese man that recently moved into a shack in the forest, and how he could be the cause of the incidents. Partly due his ineptitude and also disinterest in his work, Jong-Goo dismisses the rumors and rather go with the explanation given by the doctors that the strange behavior of the people in the village (and the murders) were caused by the ingestion of some bad hallucinogenic mushrooms.

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From Fantasia 2016: “La Rage du Démon”

Rage-du-Demon-poster-mini-Imagine that you were told that there is a film whose true origin is unknown, and that every time it is screened, it makes the audience to loose control and turn to violence, leaving people seriously injured, or even dead when the short film has ended. If that wasn’t strange enough, it is also said that every time the film has been shown, it disappears from the projection room without a trace, only to reappear decades later and cause chaos again among those who see it .

Thanks to Fantasia Fest, we had the chance to see “La Rage du Démon” (“Fury Of The Demon”)
an interesting french documentary about a silent short film from the early years of cinema, (the titular “La Rage du Démon”) and its controversial history. The documentary tries to explain the possible origins of this short film believed lost forever and even considered a myth by some people, that was actually found and exhibited in Paris in 2012 by Aaron Edgar Wallace, a serious collector of films, and also tries to explain the violent events that happened in the screening, narrated by some of the people who had the opportunity to attend.

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From Fantasia 2016: “Antibirth”

Antibirth BI think is safe to say that most of us have all had that awkward moment when we wake up after a night of partying with alcohol and other toxic substances without any recollection of the last 8-10 hours or even how we got to wherever place we woke up, but very few of us end up with long-term consequences or a 9-months-installments contract. In this film that is doing its runs in Fantasia Film Fest called ” Antibirth ” we meet Lou, a girl that really likes to party hard, never met a drug she didn’t like, and sees her life change dramatically overnight when she discovers that she might be carrying an unexpected passenger in her womb.

Before you get scared and decide to skip this movie just because you believe it will be a (more) bizarre version of “Juno” or that the film will be pushing a “Pro Choice VS Pro Life” message, I will point out that “Antibirth” is way more than that (Actually, is none of that… but I think you know what I mean). The film is actually a weird ass trippy suspense flick, where Lou (portrayed by Natasha Lyonne, of “American Pie” and TV’s “Night Visions” fame ) will not be debating about who the father of the child might be (We will leave that for some Bridget Jones lady), but instead will be wondering how in the hell she got pregnant when she had not done the horizontal mambo in months… .

Like with any other problem worth reflecting upon, Lou spends her days trying to get to the bottom of… liquor bottles, and indulging in any substance she can get to clear her thoughts (Riiiiight), still, with the help of a clearly disturbed strange woman, she uncovers a mess of secrets and conspiracies that will make the line between myth and reality become increasingly blurred. As days go by and the lump on her abdomen keeps growing in a scary accelerated rate, Luo finds herself without knowing who can she trust, or if she will be able to get out of this unlikely motherhood she had stumbled upon alive.

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From Fantasia 2016: “White Coffin”.

ataud_blanco_el_juego_diabolicoContinuing our coverage for Fantasia 2016 (Currently running in Montreal all the way till August 3rd), we just saw “White Coffin” (Original title: “Ataud Blanco: El Juego Diabolico”), a film from Argentina that grabs your attention from the start with a very simple premise, and manages to keep you at the edge of your seat all the way until the credits roll. The movie never pulls any punches to remind us that the cruelest of the beasts can be man itself, and that there are things worse than death.

In this film we meet Virginia, a mother that just left her husband, and that after a careless act, finds herself in a race against time to rescue her daughter from some twisted individuals that plan to sacrifice the child in a pagan ritual. Having only some vague directions from a mysterious stranger as clues, Virginia discover much to her terror, that she is not the only one in this frantic search, and that in order to save her daughter, she will have to leave her moral limits on the side, otherwise both will be dead by sunset.

I enjoyed this film very much, and to say more about the plot it would be a crime. Being the premise of “White Coffin” as simple as I described above, in my opinion it works like a charm due good acting, a fast and steady pace, and that the story does not shy way in order to not offend sensibilities when is time to show how cruel and F-up some people can be just because they can. Although there were many opportunities, the film never fell into scenes of extreme gratuitous violence, nor tried to shock the audience with cheap tricks, instead tried (successfully) to put us in the shoes of some of the characters and seriously ask ourselves: Would we do anything different in order to save our loved ones?

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Desde Fantasia 2016: “The Wailing”

TheWailing Poster bLlegada desde Corea del Sur, por medio de nuestros amigos de Fantasia Fest, tuvimos la oportunidad de ver “The Wailing” (“Goksung” su titulo original) el tercer largometraje de Hong-jin Na (“The Chaser”, “The Yellow sea”). Este filme se ha caracterizado por su larga duracion y por enfrentar en su trama distintas ideologias espirituales, sin embargo, lo que mas ha dado de que hablar es su final ¿Merece realmente tanto alboroto?

Cuando en una villa del Corea del sur llamada Goksung se empiezan a dar una serie de asesinatos bizarros, al agente de policia Jong-Goo le llegan rumores de que todo podría ser culpa de un anciano japonés que hace unas semanas empezó a habitar una choza en el bosque. Sin embargo, en parte debido a su ineptitud y desinterés por su trabajo, decide tomarlas como chismes sin sentido y aceptar la explicación medica de que todo haber sido causado por el consumo de unos hongos alucinógenos.

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Desde Fantasia 2016: “La Rage du Démon”

Rage du Demon poster miniImagina que te dijeran que existe un filme cuyo verdadero origen se desconoce, y que al ser exhibido en el cine, siempre causa que la audiencia pierda la compostura y se torne violenta, llegando no solo ha haber heridos de gravedad, sino que hasta muertos e incendios. Pero lo mas extraño de todo, el filme en cuestión desaparece de la sala de proyección sin dejar pistas de quien lo pudo haber tomado, solamente para reaparecer décadas después y causar otra vez el caos entre los que lo ven.

Gracias a Fantasia Fest, tuvimos la oportunidad de ver el documental “La Rage du Démon” (“La Furia Del Diablo” en Español) un interesante documental de Francia que investiga el cortometraje antes descrito, y su controvesial historia. En este documental se debate sobre los posibles orígenes del cortometraje mudo “La Rage du Démon” hecho a los principios de la era del cine, creído perdido para siempre y que hasta había sido considerado un mito. El misterioso filme fue encontrado y exhibido en París en 2012 por Edgar Aaron Wallace, un serio coleccionista de filmes, teniendo inesperados resultados violentos que son narrados por algunas personas que tuvieron la oportunidad de asistir a la función.

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