Boneyard Tales; Desenterremos unos cortos! (¿Albur?)

homeMe encantan los cortometrajes de terror, y aunque parte de la diversión es andar buscando en la red un corto después de haber oido el rumor de su premisa, es mucho mejor cuando en un sitio hallas varios cortos, y que mejor si tiene buena dosis de suspenso, gore y sangre. Hace poco me enteré de”Boneyard Tales” un sitio bastante chido donde tienen varios corotmetrajes interesantes y prometen subir un corto nuevo cada Miércoles.
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Boneyard Tales; let’s dig some shorts!

homeI love to see short films, especially horror, and although part of the fun is to chase a short once you hear a rumor about it’s premise, it ‘s nice when you can find several of them in one place. It was brought to my attention “Boneyard Tales”, a cool site that offers several nice short stories with the promise to release a new short every Wednesday. Continue reading

PMX 2014 Cosplay Gallery

IMG_7590 (Copy)One of our favorites conventions it’s the Pacific Media Expo (PMX for shorts) and although sadly this year we couldn’t be there as much as we wanted to (Life is funnny that way) we did manage to see some very cool cosplays not to mention our that we assisted to our favorite event, The Masquerade! To all the people that let us include them in this gallery, thank you very much, keep up the good work and we hope to see you next year!

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PMX 2014 Galeria Cosplay

IMG_7590 (Copy)Y pues como ya es costumbre, este pasado fin de semana nos dimos nuestra vuelta por la Pacific Media Expo 2014 (PMX pa’ los cuates)  y pues aunque este año por causas fuera de nuestras manos no pudimos estar en la convención tanto tiempo como nos hubiera gustado, nos la pasamos rebien y hasta tuvimos la oportunidad de ver bastante cosplay interesante (por no decir la masquerade, que ya saben es de rigor) mas detalles de lo que vimos por alla en el proximo podcast, esperamos que les gusten las fotos del cosplay y todos los que nos dejaron integrarlos a la galeria, Muchas gracias y esperamos verlos en el 2015!

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“Why Don’t You Play In Hell?”…A true mix of violence and cinema.

WDYPIH_Ah, Sion Sono… One can either love him or hate him, but you got to admit, the guy knows how to make the most F-d Up movies and make you comeback for more. Although “Suicide Circle” is the film that made me notice him with the boom of the Asian Horror at the beginning of the century (And is still my favorite from his filmography) the man has not stop bringing us films of almost any genre of cinema and even mix them “Just for the lulz”.

“Why Don’t you Play In Hell?” bring us a weird cool mix of several subplots that makes this film hard to describe without going into spoilers. The story starts with Hirata, an aspiring filmmaker who clearly has some cards missing from his deck since he has no problem getting into a real street-gang fistfight with the illusion of capture the passion of the fight on film, he and his crew called “Fuck Bombers” enlist one of the gang members with the promise of turning him into the Japanese Bruce Lee. This happens at the same time that the Muto and the Kitawa yakuza gangs go into a truce after Shizue, the wife of Taizo Muto, the Muto’s gang leader, get sent to jail for killing some Kitawa’s men in self defense, that bloody massacre sadly also cuts short the promising acting career of Mitsuko, the child of the Muto family.

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“Hangar 10″ Should it stay locked and buried?

hanger-10-posterA couple goes to the Rendlesham Forest in England with metal detectors looking for gold or something valuable, while another guy just tags along to record everything on his camera (stop me if this sounds too familiar). This destination, however, is where supposedly 30 years before (give or take) took place an incident involving people from outer space, which was conveniently covered by the government.

While Gus, the leader of the trip dismisses the idea, Jake the cameraman, a true believer of the UFO phenomena, takes this chance to look for evidence of said incident (And try to get some with Sally, the girl of the trio, whenever Gus is not watching). After going deeper in the woods, ignoring clear signs that they should get the hell out of there, Gus, Sally and Jake find themselves very soon lost and with their navigation equipment failing. To make maters worse, strange lights on the distance and creepy inhuman sounds in the night let them know that they are not alone on the forest, but it’s not until the next morning when gazing to the sky that becomes clear to them that even if they find the way home, there is no warranty they will leave that place alive.

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Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014; Gallery 2

IMG_7441 - Copy (Copy)We had the chance to attend to this convention that’s barely on it’s 4th year, but we are sure Stan Lee’s Comikaze will grow BIG in a very short time. We had a blast seeing the booths, the panels, the signing guest but our favorite part of the conventions are the cosplays. Here’s a brief gallery that we hope you like, and to those who are in the gallery, thank you very much for your awesome work, and we hope to see you next year!

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