Ninja-Con 2015: Rocking It with Lolita Dark!


LD Panel 4You might not know this, but we are BIG fans of Lolita Dark, and as a matter of fact, our origins as «Press» are kinda linked to them (Hold the restriction orders, is not a stalker thing… yet), therefore I try to go to all their perfomances when they play in Los Angeles, so Ninja-Con 2015, was simply a MUST.

At the panel that they shared with SouLandscape, Rayko (Lolita Dark’s main voice and guitar)  shared how she discover her passion for music at a very early age, and also an awesome story about how her piano’s teacher helped her to discover her talent for song writing.  I want to mention that recently Rayko composed a song for the the film “The Wolves Of Savin Hill” that has been hitting the festivals circuits .

LD panel 1

At the panel we also heard that Joey, the band’s drummer, is in the process to create his own Steampunk graphic novel , and that the band is getting ready to release their third  CD, where we will see Kaoru Enjoji officially on the keyboards and back up vocals duties,  after May’s last performance at Pacific Media Expo 2014 with the band.

Later we had our chance to see the band tearing up the stage, here are some  clips:

I highly recommend you to check this band, and you can see more of their material at their official page.

As you can guess there was more things to do and to see at Ninja-Con, but I’ll get to that on the next post.




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