Ninja-Con 2015 Music Panels: SouLandscape


SLAs you remember, some days ago, we had the chance to assist to Ninja-Con 2015, an anime convention created in part by our friend Danny Gonzales at the Japanese American Cultural Community Center, in Little Tokyo, Los Ángeles. Being this the third Ninja-Con, I was glad to see that the event went smoothly with barely any issues, and better yet, there were so many cool events and panels, that I had a real workout just by trying to cover most of them (anyone interested in an Internship?).

SL panelThe festivities started with a live performance by Stephanie Yanez and the opening ceremony, right after that,  we headed to the panel held by SouLandscape and Lolita Dark, two of the bands performing later at Ninja-Con, where among other things, they shared stories about their origins in the music world and even some weird, funny stories that have occurred on their performances.

After that, we hit the Garden Stage, where later we could see SouLandscape’s performance, I never heard this band before, and I loved the mix of NAHO’s voice style with the techno chords by K.K., who besides playing the keyboards, also rocked a nice cool mix of videogame samples. Needless to say, now I’m a fan.

Here are some videos, I hope you like them.

At the moment,  SouLandscape is promoting their CD “Stand Alone” which we already have in our collection and we highly recommend it to fans of  the J-rock and Techno genres.. You can find more information about SouLandscape  at their official page and their Facebook.

But for us, the day was far from over… More details on future posts  and be sure to check some of the cosplay we saw in this gallery.





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