Ninja-Con 2015: More Panels and Events


NC 2015 V2Here in our last post about our visit to Ninja-Con 2015, we will share some of the events that for lack of time (and the power to duplicate ourselves like Jamie Madrox) we could not cover as much as we wanted, but we heard very good things from other attendees.


CossThere was a panel about cosplay and armors with Yuks General y Garp Stavo Sauce as Guests of Honor.  “The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy “ saga creator Frank Beddor  was also present with a panel that among other things talked about how to balance working in the Industry and still having a family man’s life (Does he have some video tutorials? I need them… FOR A FRIEND).

Also Ninja-Con had actor Cas Anvar  in attendance, Anvar is currently portraying Xerxes in the tv show “Olympus” ,  but is also known for giving his voice to Altaïr ibn La-Ahad in the videogame “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations”.  At the panel “The Divas Of Voice Over” we met the talented Danielle McRae, Sarah Williams and Kira Buckland, who also held a “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” panel.

panel divas

Besides the musical performances by Stephanie Yanez, SouLandscape and Lolita Dark that we mentioned in previous posts, we saw the first act of the Samurai Drama “Standing All Alone” from the BURAI Productions, that will be playing at the Aratani Theatre in August 28th and 29th.

I had the chance to see the play few months ago, and I loved it, it has excellent sword fight choreography and memorable characters.

Later on the day, just before sundown, the cosplay contest was held (and you can see some of the cosplays in this gallery) ending our visit to this year’s Ninja-Con.

Danny 2015As a general opinion, I was glad to see that Danny Gonzales and his team managed to bring an event that ran pretty much without issues and I could tell that they gave their best and went above and beyond so all the attendees had a great time. One of the best points this year was that all the events were concentrated on the same building (in 2014 some events were held in an hotel two blocks away) and being that Ninja-Con is  the only Anime/Manga Convention allowed to be held at the Japanese American Cultural Community Center (and three times, no less!) I am sure this convention will only get better and better as years go by.

So if next June you are in the Los Angeles area, head over Ninja-Con, before it get as big as Anime Expo… you’ll be glad you did.

Elenco Ninja-Con

¡Sigan chidos y no cambien!

(Keep It Cool, and Don’t Change it!)



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