«Darkness Rising»: A review without spoilers…

DarknessRising 300On June 30th via IFC Midnight, we will be able to see on VOD and select theaters “Darkness Rising” a new suspense film that shows that sometimes is better to leave the past behind, specially if you managed to avoid your death, as you might not be so lucky a second time…

In this film we meet Madison, a young woman than convinces her fiancé, Jake and her cousin Izzy to break into the house where she used to lived a long time ago, before it gets demolished. What Madison is trying to do is to find answers as to why many years ago her mother killed Madison’s younger sister, and almost killed her too, in order to finally move on.

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Our review of «The Devil’s Dolls»: On VOD and Theaters on September 16th

dd_key_webAfter finally stopping a serial killer thru a manhunt that lasted for three years, a Mississippi detective finds him self dealing with a strange series of murders committed by people that never showed signs of aggression nor any relation between them. After exhausting all logical explanations, Matt and his partner Darcy will have to seek help from an expert in black magic and consider the possibility that the murders are the result of a curse coming the murderer they just killed thru some antique dolls, and that if they are not destroyed by dawn, more people, the detective’s daughter among them, will die.

“The Devil’s Dolls” (Also know as “Worry Dolls”, which in my opinion, is a tittle that makes more sense after seeing the movie) might seem a typical film about possessions, but luckily its something more interesting than that. At the beginning it looks like an slasher film (I don’t know if it was an homage or if I’m just associating everything with “Hostel” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) but quickly turns into a detective film effectively set in the horror genre, and although it might not have a big budget, it never gave me the impression that it fell short to the story it was aiming to tell.

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