«Spring» A cool mix of Love and Horror.


Spring 1Barely days after his mother passed away, Evan see his luck going down the drain in a matter of hours. Roaming the streets of a beautiful Italian village after finding himself forced to look for a change of scene, Evan meets Louise, and enigmatic lady with enough charisma to make him decide to stay around working as a farmer just to be able to get to know her better.

Although at first there is some struggle to get the girl’s attention, Evan and Louise start a romance that might make us play with the idea of packing our bags and pay the “Old Continent” a visit. But just when it seemed that Evan’s bad streak was ending, we see that Louise is keeping a secret that might not only tear Evan’s heart apart, but also his flesh, organs and bones, since behind her beautiful smile there is a creature that needs to feed with more than salads and wine… And its hunger is increasing.

Spring 2“Spring” is the second full feature directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who in the past brought one of the best films of 2013, “Resolution”. This new film is one that I would place more on the vein of romance than horror, but even when presents some cliches from that genre, Benson’s script manages to gives us some very good scares, laughs and even finds the way to makes us feel uneasy once the cards are on the table and we see that the romance between the two leads is very likely to NOT have a happy ending.

Spring 6One of the strongest points of the film resides in the main characters, they feel very real, they get well developed thru the story and by the end, I was totally invested in them. Evan is a character that you can relate to (Being due a personal loss, a very, very bad streak, or simply on the times where love seems to f-ing hate us and don’t want to give us a break) and we can’t help to worry about him when we have a peek of what’s hiding under Louise’s skin.

Spring 5And what can I say about Louise? Not only is she GORGEUS, funny, smart and charismatic (I did say GORGEUS, right?) she became one of my favorite characters on film of all times from now on. She is a character that captures our attention just as much when we see her human side as when we try to figure out her “true nature“ Not to mention when we ask ourselves Who is she, really? Where did she came from? And what are her intentions with our main buddy, Evan?

On the cast as Evan, we have Lou Taylor Pucci (Who we saw reading from a weird book on that “Evil Dead remake/sequel) and as Louise we have Nadia Hilker (Who we’ll see soon on a tv film called “Breed”) The film works in a large part thanks to the chemistry that the two lead actors have, I enjoyed seeing them on the screen very much, and the way they delivered their dialogs.

Spring 3

Leaving that aside for a moment, I really want to congratulate Benson and Moorhead for the concept and design behind Louise. The pacing and the way her “Darker side” is revealed was very well done, and the special effects used in the process were very good too. I loved the back story and the mythology that was created for the creature and I’d love to see more of it, in case that there were more of her species.

I know that this film might not be for everybody, and it might loose some people looking for tons of gore and guts, because although there is some in the film, it might not be what we can call a huge amount, but we do get some female nudity, and we can never be mad for that, now can we?. Be that as it may, “Spring” is a great film and also a nice choice for a date movie, specially if your “significant other”is not a fan of horror, since this film is a very nice balanced mix of the romance and horror genres. «Sping» will be released on VOD and Theaters on March 20, Do yourself a favor and check it out!

For that and some other details that I don’t want to spoil (yes, I left plenty of things for you to enjoy) this film get a place on my “Must buy” list, and I got no problem admitting that I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next Benson/Moorhead project.

Final Verdict 5/5




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