«Deathgasm»: A trailer with rock, blood and gore… I’m In!

  «Deathgasm» is without a doubt one of the films that we have been hearing a lot of good things from its run on the festivals. Coming from New Zeland, the film tells the story of two metalheads that end up fighting  demonic forces of evil (That they actually unleashed, but let’s not dwell on details) ina battle filled with guts, blood and heavy metal…. SOLD!

Just in case this film is news to you, here is the trailer and the new image that was sent to us, so you can put this flick on you list.

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From Fantasia 2015: “She Who Must Burn”

BURNFresh from Fantasia International Film Festival, we received the latest film from Larry Kent, where we get an eery thriller with a social commentary showing a brutal clash between the “Right to Choose” and the “Right To Live”.

In “She Who Must Burn” we get transported to a little town where a group of Evangelical Fanatics (Is there another kind on films?) stalks and hassle Angela, a nurse that helps the pregnant women of the town with counseling and birth control pills from her house, after her clinic got shutdown by the state, due in part to the murder of a doctor at the hands of one of the leaders of the aforementioned Evangelic group.

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So we finally will see «The Incident» …In L.A.!

Incidente-poster miniOn May 9th, we finally will be able to see the Mexican sci-fi drama “The Incident”, a film from Isaac Ezban, courtesy of the “Hola México Film Festival”. We have heard only good things about this movie, and at the same time… pretty much nothing (They are reaaaally keeping details under wraps!) This is Ezban’s first full length feature, and also wrote the script.

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The “Into The Further 4D” experience for «Insidious: Chapter 3»

I3 scareWhile we are anxiously waiting for the release of «Insidious: Chapter 3» on June 5th, we just found out about this little gig that will be touring in the US to promote the film. In recent years Blumhouse had a «Haunted House» for «Insidious» and even made a cool special event for «The Purge; Anarchy», but seems this time they will go even further with a cool upgrade!

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Star Wars Celebration 2015: The Cosplay Gallery! Part 1

IMG_8024 (Copy)Hello There!! Here is a little sample of the great cosplay we saw at Star Wars Celebration 2015! Due to being so many pictures and to make the browsing easier, we divided the lot in 3 posts.
Thank you to all the cosplayers and your awesome work! If you see yourself in one of the pics and want us to tag you or link it to your website, just let us know (obviously we need the url to check it out).

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