The new «Sinister 2» trailer and poster.


SINISTER2 mini«Sinister»… Man, that was a great film, with clichés and all, I enjoyed the hell out of it… Obviously when the sequel was announced, I entered the Fan-boy mode.

Last weekend at Wondercon, we had the chance to see the «Warning» teaser (Which you can see at the end of the post) and now we have the official trailer and poster.

In this new film, we meet a family that moves in to a new home, not knowing that the previous owners were murdered, victims of Mr. Boogie’s curse. History tries to repeat itself, and only Deputy «So and So» (Yep, the guy from the previous film) can help the newcomers to get out of their new house alive.

The film is directed by Ciaran Foy , who brought us «Citadel» back in 2012, taking the reins from Scott Derrickson, who is bringing Marvel’s «Dr Strange» to the big screen, however, the script comes again from Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. «Sinister 2» has a release date for August 21, 2015

Here is the teaser «Warning»

Soo.. What do you guys think?





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