Official Trailer for «The World Of Kanako» And on VOD December 4th

TWOK_ONESHEET_WEB«The World Of Kanako»… now, that’s a film that I heard a lot of good (and twisted) things about, and that sadly I missed when it was show at Beyond Fest last year,  fortunately our good friends at Drafthouse Films are going to help us to get our fix.

From the Press Release:
Drafthouse Films will release Tetsuya Nakashima’s acclaimed thriller The World of Kanako in select theaters on December 4th, as well as making it available on multiple digital VOD platforms including Amazon Instant, iTunes, Vimeo, and VHX.  A home video release on Blu-ray and DVD is slated for early 2016.

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The «Cooties» Trailer shows teachers vs zombie kids…. HELL YEAH!

cootiesIn this time and age where the Politically Correct Bullshit syndrome is full throttle, ruining pretty much any horror movie, is nice to see a film that might show the kids for the cruel and vicious creatures they are (Hey, I was one, so I KNOW what I’m talking about!) and how the now (Mostly) gentle but helpless teachers fight back, and show them who’s the boss in the classrooms…. Let’s just hope the writers didn’t pull any punches at the end…

Oh, yeah, Here is the trailer!

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«Sense8»: the new Netflix’s show with the Wachowskis.

s88I think we can agree that Netflix its giving the big tv studios a run for their money in the battle for the audience’s attention with their own created content (or picked and revived by them in some cases). Not so long ago we had the chance to enjoy a great «Daredevil»‘s show. and today we got a glimpse of Netflix’s upcoming  new show «Sense 8», that I think looks very interesting, and knowing who is behind the wheel on the creative process, you can bet I’m more than willing to give this project a chance.

Let’s take a look at the trailer:

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The new «Ant-Man» Trailer.

AntmanWe might never know the true reason behind Edgar Wright’s departure from the project, and I for one was very intrigued to see his version of «Ant-Man» (He was after all, the one who push the project at Marvel for a long time). While I have to admit that when the «Ant size» teaser hit the web I was not impressed, I think this new «Ant-Man» trailer might be what some geeks (myself included) needed to get into the theaters when the Pint size superhero hits the big screen.

You can see the trailer after the break:

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