Drafthouse films’ Abc’s Of Death 2 1⁄2 (not 3) to release exclusive on vimeo.

ABCsofDeath25 mini-webresOk, here at «Desde Abajo» we are HUGE fans of horror anthology movies, while most of them are not that good, and very, very few are great, most of the time they are fun to watch, and have at least a couple of segments that are scary and cool.
One of the most recent collections is «Abc’s Of Death» and while I thought the 1st entry was very disappointing, the sequel was a major improvement and I highly recommend it. Today,  Drafthouse films made this announcement regarding the anthology:

From the Press release:

Austin, TX (July 25, 2016) – Drafthouse Films has announced the upcoming release of ABC’s of Death 2 1⁄2: World Competition Edition, the result of an extensive global campaign intended to spotlight the most passionate and talented upcoming filmmakers in the horror genre. The latest entry in the beloved franchise will arrive exclusively on Vimeo August 2nd as a $5.99 download or $2.99 rental.

The series, known for its anarchically alphabet­-themed anthology of short films, launched a “Filmmaker Frenzy” competition for the segment devoted to the letter M – collecting more than five hundred, three minute-­long entries from over forty countries in the process – including Robert Boocheck’s winning entry “M is for Masticate” featured in ABC’s of Death 2.

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More details from the «Ash Vs Evil Dead» tv series

Ash vs Evil Dead shadowWithout doubt, «Evil Dead» is one of the most beloved classic 80’s horror films, and it’s hard to not get excited knowing that soon, thanks to the «Starz!» channel, we will see the continuation of the battle between Ash Williams and the deadites in «Ash Vs Evil Dead»

We just got some more details about the series and the cast and we wanted to shared them with you:

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Live in L.A.? Want tickets for the “Into The Further 4D” experience from Insidious Chapter 3?

11103000_814398978613957_36742942450395901_nHey people from Los Angeles! We got some tickets for the “Insidious Chapter 3: Into The Further 4D Experience”!

The cool people promoting the upcoming film “Insidious Chapter 3” (To be released on June 5th, 2015) has given us some passes for the “Into The Further 4D”  tour that will be on LOS ANGELES this weekend from May 15th to 7th.

And what’s this “Into The Further 4D” thing , you ask?

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So we finally will see «The Incident» …In L.A.!

Incidente-poster miniOn May 9th, we finally will be able to see the Mexican sci-fi drama “The Incident”, a film from Isaac Ezban, courtesy of the “Hola México Film Festival”. We have heard only good things about this movie, and at the same time… pretty much nothing (They are reaaaally keeping details under wraps!) This is Ezban’s first full length feature, and also wrote the script.

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