«Cold Blows The Wind» When karma comes to collect!

When karma comes to collect, do not pretend to not know what you owe, or that you had the chance to change the course to do the right thing. This is a lesson taught in the new film directed by Eric Williford, which gets released on VOD on July 2nd.

A part of growing up is understanding that anybody can have a bad or even a horrible day for no apparent reason. Also that your birthday does not have any magic spell that can prevent any tragedies from happening, because at the end of the day, your birthday is just special to you (and sometimes not even that). This is something that our main character Tasha comes to conclude in a night that hands down gets the prize for “Worst birthday ever”

You see, when Tasha and her husband were driving back from celebrating that she was still around in this mortal plane for another year, they came across one of those weird people who like to jog at night to improve their health, and accidentally Tasha hits him with the car, turning him into a corpse.

The couple, obviously being afraid of the consequences of this involuntary manslaughter, decided to take the body to their property outside of the city and bury it in the woods nearby to erase all evidence of their crime.

With hesitations and taking a lot of precautions so they cannot be seen, the couple builds up the courage to go through with the plan. However, they receive the biggest scare of their life (actually, the first of many on that night) when they discover that the person in their trunk is still alive. The jogger, understandably confused and in very bad shape, starts asking for help when they realize the situation they’re in. Continue reading