D.A. 259- Cine De Antologias De Terror Vol 2


Continuamos nuestro recorrrido de peliculas de antologias de terror con la participación especial de Jenn de «La Capsula Muda»!!

En este episodio hablamos de : Tales from the Darkside the movie, Body Bags, Necronomicon, Tales From The Hood, Trilogy of Terror, Campfire Tales 1991, Campfire Tales 1997, Three Extremes, Trick r Treat, Chillerama, The ABCs of Death, VHS, VHS 2, The ABCs of Death 2,  VHS Viral, A Christmas Horror Story, Southbound, Tales Of Halloween, Patient Seven, XX, Ghost Stories, Nightmare Cinema, The Field Guide To Evil, Scare Package

O (“»Guardar enlace como…»”) Aqui

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