«The Inhabitants» a nice throwback to the thrillers of yesterday.

ii_ie3g63050_14f907be18e5c84aRecently we had the chance to see “The Inhabitants”, the new film directed and written by Michael and Shawn Ramussen, known for his previous work on “Dark Feed” and the script on John Carpenter’s film “The Ward”. The film, that will be released on VOD on October 13, might not be for the audience that expect lots of blood and gore, but nevertheless it brings a very good story that remind us of several thrillers of the 70’s.

In “The Inhabitants” we meet Jessica and Dan, a young couple that just bought an old New England’s house that has been a Bed and Breakfast hotel for decades, with hopes of picking up the business and start a new life away from the big city.

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«The Inhabitants» : Una reseña hotelera…

ii_ie3g63050_14f907be18e5c84aCon fecha de estreno en estados unidos en VOD para Octubre 13, les traemos la reseña de “The Inhabitans”, un filme escrito y dirigido por los hermanos Michael y Shawn Ramussen, cuyos trabajos anteriores incluyen la dirección y guion de “Dark Feed” y el guion de “The Ward” el film dirigido por John Carpenter.

En este filme, conocemos a Jessica Y Dan, una joven pareja que acaba de adquirir una casa antigua de New England que durante décadas ha servido como hotel del tipo “Bed and Breakfast”, con la esperanza de hacer negocio y empezar una nueva vida fuera de los tumultos de las grandes ciudades.

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