Final Girls Berlin Film Festival: The shorts pt 3

June 17 LogoAs we finish our coverage of the shorts films shown on the Berlin Final Girls Festival, (Running from June 9th to 11th), we will talk now about the block called «Escape», you can see the previous covered blocks here and here

Minor disclaimer: Please note that there were some blocks and titles shown on the festival that we could not cover due time restrictions, and in no way means that the titles not mentioned are bad or should be skipped, and while I will try to bring your attention to the short films and do them justice with the synopsis, I will keep it spoiler-free.

As mentioned before, this block was called «Escape» and some of the shorts included were:

Emergency Stop (dir. Diane Jessie Miller, Ireland, 2016)

Emergency Stop Still 2

A woman driving on a lonely country road, apparently finds a victim of a violent attack. A prudent person would try to call the police for help, but what can you do when there is no signal?

…Simple, to the point and twisted, can’t ask for more!

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