Video Reseña de Trancazo: «Luna De Miel»

luna-de-miel-posterAca les dejamos una reseña de la nueva cinta mexicana de suspenso «Luna De Miel» del director Diego Cohen… Iba a ser una reseña en audio, y termino siendo video.

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Our review of «Luna De Miel» («Honey Moon»), now available on DVD at the U.K.

luna-de-miel-posterRecently we had the chance to see “Luna De Miel” (A.K.A. “Honeymoon”) Courtesy of Jinga, now available on DVD at the U.K. This is a Mexican suspense film directed by Diego Cohen that brings a tale of obsession, abductions and more. Even if the premise of the film sounds a little bit too familiar, it manages to make some people cringe not only due the violence shown on the screen, but because this kind of things can be happening every day in front of us, unnoticed.

Not to be mistaken with the film directed by Leigh Janiak, “Honey Moon” let us see how after a long and careful planning, Jorge, a deranged doctor obsessed with his beautiful neighbor Isabel, decides to kidnap her and try to force her to accept him as her husband since for some reason he is 100 percent convinced that he is a way better suitor for her than his actual husband. As you might imagine, Isabel is not happy with her new life as a captive, but every time she tries (in vain) to escape her captor, she ends up being punished (Because… Love) in ways increasingly cruel, but even when the fortune seems to smile at the not-so good doctor, we can see that Isabel’s anger and desperation are slowly turning her into a very dangerous guest.

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