«Hanzai Japan» A criminal (and fantastically futuristic) anthology worth your ink.

hjCreeping with 16 tales of suspense, crime and horror, Viz hit our bookshelf recently with “Hanzai Japan”; A very unique collection of short stories that dabble into both futuristic and dark fantasy elements, also including some of the more iconic elements in the Japanese culture from the hand of talented writers such as Hiroshi Sakurazaka (All you need is kill), Genevie Valentine (Catwoman), Carrie Vaughn and many more.

Like most anthologies, there were some stories that I liked a lot, others not so much, but most of them surprised me, and some even left me wondering about the character’s fate long after I finished the last sentence. I’ll admit that there was one story that I felt went over my head, but still never made me think I wasted my time. Without going into a spoilerish territory, I will give you an idea of what you will find in this book, and I am intentionally messing the order up, so you have a fair chance to be surprised:

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«Hanzai Japan» Una criminal (futurista y fantasiosa) antologia de Japón…

hjContando con 16 cuentos sobre crimen, suspenso y terror, nos llega por medio de Viz “Hanzai Japan”: una colección muy original de historias cortas que tocan elementos tanto futuristas como de fantasía oscura, sin faltar los homenajes a las tradiciones del país del Sol Naciente, contando con relatos de Hiroshi Sakurazaka (All you need is kill), Genevie Valentine (Catwoman), Carrie Vaughn y muchos más.

Como toda colección que se respete, en este libro hallaremos unas historias mas interesantes que otras, y aunque que confieso que hubo un relato que creo escapó por completo a mi entendimiento, todos los cuentos valen la pena. Sin animo de entrar en spoilers, les comento rápido una idea de las historias, intencionalmente en un orden distinto al libro:

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