From Fantasia 2016: «La Rage du Démon”

Rage-du-Demon-poster-mini-Imagine that you were told that there is a film whose true origin is unknown, and that every time it is screened, it makes the audience to loose control and turn to violence, leaving people seriously injured, or even dead when the short film has ended. If that wasn’t strange enough, it is also said that every time the film has been shown, it disappears from the projection room without a trace, only to reappear decades later and cause chaos again among those who see it .

Thanks to Fantasia Fest, we had the chance to see “La Rage du Démon” (“Fury Of The Demon”)
an interesting french documentary about a silent short film from the early years of cinema, (the titular «La Rage du Démon») and its controversial history. The documentary tries to explain the possible origins of this short film believed lost forever and even considered a myth by some people, that was actually found and exhibited in Paris in 2012 by Aaron Edgar Wallace, a serious collector of films, and also tries to explain the violent events that happened in the screening, narrated by some of the people who had the opportunity to attend.

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«I Am Thor» Review of Rockumentary

I AM THOR_1_Web_resYou might not know Jon Mikl Thor by name, but after you see  “I Am Thor”, a documentary  to be released on November 20th,  I can guarantee you that you will see that Rock runs thru his veins just as hard, if not harder than any other legends in the music world , and his story, presented in this documentary directed by Ryan Wise, is one of the best examples about never giving up, and that you are never too old to do a comeback to the things you are passionate about.

Just to give you an idea in case you  don’t know who he is (Like I was until 2 weeks ago, I have to admit)  Jon Mikl Thor, or as he is best known,  “Thor”, is a former Canadian bodybuilding champion from the early 70’s, that after winning several competitions, started to pursue a career in music, his second passion.

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