«I Am Thor» Review of Rockumentary

I AM THOR_1_Web_resYou might not know Jon Mikl Thor by name, but after you see  “I Am Thor”, a documentary  to be released on November 20th,  I can guarantee you that you will see that Rock runs thru his veins just as hard, if not harder than any other legends in the music world , and his story, presented in this documentary directed by Ryan Wise, is one of the best examples about never giving up, and that you are never too old to do a comeback to the things you are passionate about.

Just to give you an idea in case you  don’t know who he is (Like I was until 2 weeks ago, I have to admit)  Jon Mikl Thor, or as he is best known,  “Thor”, is a former Canadian bodybuilding champion from the early 70’s, that after winning several competitions, started to pursue a career in music, his second passion.

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