From Fantasia 2017… «Game Of Death»

GOD posterA group of millennials bored at a weekend party with sex, drugs and alcohol find a vintage electronic board game called “Game Of Death”. Without thinking twice or even bothering to fully read the instructions, they start the game, finding out later that the game claims that it can’t be stopped until a certain number of people have been murdered or all the players are dead.

Dismissing this last instruction as a joke, or that some pieces from the game might be missing, the kids decide to continue the party and forget the whole thing, but suddenly one of the gang experiments a massive explosive headache (to put it lightly) and the rest of the group gets convinced that the game might be for real when another one of the players dies, starting a race against the clock to find more victims in their sleepy little town in order fro them to survive the mortal countdown. (hey, that is actually a cool name for another game!!)

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