«Intruders» or «Be careful whose home you invade» A review without spoilers.


Poster-Final-APPROVEDThe same day Anna has to bury the brother she just lost to cancer, she gets the visit of three burglars that enter her home believing it to be empty. After a brief confrontation and despite to have a chance to escape, Anna finds herself unable to flee her house due a condition she suffers known as Agoraphobia (Fear to open spaces).

Seeing that her victim can’t literally leave the house, and unable to call for help, the thieves believe themselves capable of submitting Anna and make her confess the location of the loot they are looking for, not knowing that the attack has awakened another darker side of Anna and that at the same time that a family secret gets revealed, this breaking and entering will turn into a complicated cat and mouse game where everybody will put their lives at risk .

At a simple glance  “Intruders”could  be taken as another typical home invasion movie, a sub-genre that I personally don’t like very much, except when the creators of the film put a twist on it, such as the ones in “You’re Next”.  Luckily «Intruders» brings several cool twists in the story, it has good character development, a nice solid pace that never gets boring, and an ending that I found very satisfying. In other words, is anything but your typical home invasion flick.

Photo_03.png minThe film is not perfect (Nor needs to be) since it has some moments where the audiences is asked to «Go with the flow” and there is even a key moment where a character doesn’t quite sells us the reaction he is supposed to, nevertheless at no moment these things take you out of the story nor destroys the film. The acting was very good, and although there is almost no gore or explicit violence, the film has a couple of scenes that might make some people uncomfortable, specially those with pets… Just a friendly warning.

I liked «Intruders» a lot, and I enjoyed it even more on the second view, so give this film a chance and check it out, even if the Home Invasion sub-genre is not your thing, since the movie tries to bring it’s own spin to the formula without being pretentious. Besides the home invasion theme, the script touches on themes of losing a loved one, confronting your fears and moving forward without turning the movie into a TV drama nor feeling preachy. Another win for the writers.

Photo_01.png min
“Intruders” is directed by Adam Schindler, written by T.J. Cimfel and David White. In the cast we see Beth Riesgraf (Leverage), Rory Culkin (Scream 4, Signs), Jack Kesy (The Strain) Joshua Mikel (Last Shift), Martin Star (Silicon Valley) and Leticia Jimenez (Seconds Apart).

The film will be released on theaters and VOD on January 15th by Momentum Pictures.





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