Deathgasm: High notes on laughs, gore and metal!


DG cpBrodie is a hard core metalhead that for some WTF reasons ends up moving in with some relatives that are way too much into religion, with an uncle that finds the teenager’s hobby very disturbing to say the least. As you might expect Brodie’s new life in this little town is nothing short of a living hell due in part by his cousin David’s constant bullying, something that gets even worse when his girlfriend Melinda seems to take a liking to our little metal friend. Things start look brighter when Brodie meets Zakk, another metal-head that has no time for BS and together they decide to make some noise with their new band called DEATHGASM (all spelled in capitals, ‘cause lowercase is for pussies..wait, wha ?)

Since inspiration is sometimes short and Zakk has no issues with doing some vandalism for the greater good, our main characters decide to break in into the rumored secret hide out of one of their favorites metal legends, and it turns out that indeed they find him, although it seems the legendary rocker has fallen into a paranoid delusional state. Due the visit of a mysterious character, Brodie and Zakk end up running away with with some old pages that show the chords of an strange song, which looks totally fine for the guys to try it out as the band’s next single, little do they know that said song is in fact the Black Hymn, a tune to call summon the king of the most evil of the demons, and that anyone that hears it ends up being possessed by dark forces and with a craving for blood and guts.

deat 1As you might guess, after one really doggy day, and looking to get some fortune and fame, Brodie and his friends play the whole Black Hymn and unwillingly release an demonic apocalypse where they will end up fighting for their lives with some quaint arsenal against an horde of possessed people and a cult that seek to ensure the arrival of the Demon King, in a race against time with tons of humor, blood, guts and cool heavy tunes.

deat 3I suppose that the previous description might sound like a plot that is too generic and even tired, but “Deathgasm” actually brings a lot of cool things to the screen to stand above other films with a similar theme, specially with its humor that pulls no punches, nor tries be Politically Correct, even in order to try avoid alienating the audience. The special effects were great, even top notch for an independent film, the design of the demons was very original, and had I no problems with the amount of blood and other bodily fluids that the films delivered, nor with guts and gore.

The action on the film was very fluid and entertaining, and although not all the jokes connected in my opinion, this is a very fast, steady paced, funny film with several great memorable scenes. As you might imagine, there were several homages to other films, but at no moment they felt forced nor that they were panhandling to the audience, and that was great. Be advised that in the film there is nudity for pretty much all tastes (?) and a wide array of sex toys on screen, just in case you want to see this film with some sensible family members.

deat 2This film that arrives from New Zealand was directed and written by Jason Lei Howden, and you can see influences of films like “Evil Dead”, “Braindead” and I even dare to say, “Scott Pilgrim Vs World”, not only because of some camera shots reminded me to the style of Edgar Wright, but because the music played an important part on the film, and not just as a gimmick (Not to mention that the songs were great, even the one that was supposed to be bad…Win-Win).

The acting was very good, and I want to point out that Brodie and Zakk are not this generation’s “Bill and Ted” (nor they need to be). They are indeed well defined characters that you can easily relate to with their own voice. While Brodie is somehow insecure, he doesn’t fall into the blabbing cynical wimp, nor Zakk is the cliche faithful “bestie” that always has your back, we actually see that he is somehow an asshole when he can, but still, these two metalheads have great chemistry thanks to the performances of Milo Cawthorne and James Blake. As Medina, Brodie’s love interest, we have Kyberly Crossman, and while we don’t get an explanation as to how she became a demon-slashing princess in a matter of hours, she does a nice job doing it and is great to look at.

deat 7

In conclusion, “Deathgasm” is fun ride, HIGHLY recommended not only for the fans of the Metal genre, or the gore hounds, but also for anyone that remembers that some films are just meant to give you a great time laughing with friends.

Deathgasm has a USA release date for October 2nd.




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