«Body» A review that makes us ponder; «With friends like these…»


BODY-WebFinding themselves bored on Christmas Eve, a trio of friends decides to continue their party on the mansion that belongs to the uncle of one of the girls, and is deserted due the holidays. After doing some drinking and partying, it is revealed that the house belongs to a very different person and the girls try to flee before being caught trespassing, but as luck would have it, they are discovered by the groundskeeper, and before anyone can react, the man suffers and fatal accident falling on the stairs.

Knowing that their normal life is at risk, and they can’t just leave since all over the house is bound to be evidence of their presence, the girls start to discuss their options about to how report the incident to the police without ending up in jail, but as you might guess, the devil is in the details, and he loves to throw curves to even the simplest of plans, making the line between right and wrong even thinner, and putting true friendship to the test.

The film barely hits the 70 minute mark, and as you can see the plot itself is very simple, but it is also very well paced, and while you know it would not be fair for the characters to get out of this predicament without punishment, at moments you can actually see the point each character makes and even agreeing to some degree when they discuss their fault on the incident. The plot works in a big part due the cast strong performance, and how the actresses sells us their characters with ease and how each one of them deals with their guilt, not only for the part they had in the accident itself, but also for the solution they come up with.

BODY_STILLS_CHECKINGOUTHELEN0The story itself is so simple that I can’t go further into details without running into spoiler territory. While the film might not become a new classic of the thriller genre, it manages to entertain and even makes us ponder about how well we actually know those persons we call “Friends” and at the same time we wonder: Would they really will be at our side, not only on the good times but also the bad ones? And who of the three characters are WE more likely to behave as in that situation? (Is easy to say “The good one”, but let’s be honest… WOULD WE?)

Written and directed by Daren Berk and Robert Olsen, the film has a solid performance by Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen, Lauren Molina and Larry Fessenden. I would recommend this film a lot to people that does not like gore since there is close to none, but still likes a good thriller, and even works as a date movie.

«Body” gets released theatrically on December 11th and on VOD later on December 29th.





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