“Diverge” Seeking a cure and redemption.

DIVERGE poster miniTrying to survive in a world where humanity has been almost destroyed by a strange disease, Chris is approached by a strange man who gives him the opportunity to save not only his dying wife, but also the rest of mankind, by going back to the days before the pandemic broke out. What seemed to be a chance for Chris to fix his mistakes in the past and get his redemption, later becomes a huge temptation to retake the life he had lost, putting his morality to test.

“Diverge” is a very good film with a lot of things to enjoy, the story gets you interested from the beginning, and even when the premise is very simple, it leaves you reflecting about its themes for some time after it ends. The film does not use big, expensive special effects (We can even say that there is none, besides some make up and characterization effects) to tell this science fiction story with some tones of drama about the eternal debate of cause and effect. Without having an unnecessary complicated plot, I believe fans of “12 Monkeys” and “Primer” will really enjoy this film.

The acting was very good, and the pacing had good rhythm, although I think that some scenes dragged a little bit, specially when we see Chris just meditating over his actions and sometimes it takes too much time for him to actually react to what is going on around him. Is not something that hurts the film that much, but it can annoy some people in the audience. I don’t want to dwell into spoiler territory, but I want to state that the acting by Jamie Jackson was definitely one of the strongest points of the movie.

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From Cinepocalypse 2017: “Trench 11”

trench-11-Coming from the Cinepocalypse festival that just had its debut year in Chicago, we had the chance to see “Trench 11” the new film from Leo Scherman (“White Knuckles”, “Never Forget”), a interesting horror/thriller that have caused some buzz in festivals lately. After seeing the film I can say the buzz is well deserved, so be sure to catch it when is playing near you.

Set in the last days of WWI, the German troops have retired from a front line, apparently fearing an imminent defeat, but some English intelligence have received information about the location of a mysterious underground complex designated as “Trench 11”. This place is located some distance from the now abandoned front, and rumors say that the Germans could have been conducting dangerous chemical experiments under the supervision of the infamous Dr Reiner, also know as “The Prophet”.

Suspecting that this mysterious complex could store a weapon capable of turning the tide of the war, a small group of soldiers, assisted by Berton (an expert tunneler that hopes to leave the war behind) is sent to explore the underground facility, only to find that maybe the German troops left the place not out of fear of the Allied forces, but of something far more dangerous, something that might be still waiting for someone to open the doors.

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